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Jin Chen

Jin Chen

Raised in China and having moved to Melbourne where he has resided for 17 years has made Jin well adapted to a mix of diverse people from different backgrounds and ethnicities. Sincere and hardworking would be the best words to describe Jin Chen. Proficient in the languages of English, Mandarin, and Cantonese Dialects further compliments his traits. 


Jin has come from an extensive sales background both in China and Australia which has been an asset. He has a strong knowledge of the Asian market and a database of overseas buyers both for investment and home ownership, which provides the seller with that extra advantage when it comes to the sale of your property. 


Having worked in the Commonwealth Bank for several years in customer service and with six years real estate experience, he understands and prides himself on offering a high level of service to his clients.


Jin is passionate about real estate; he is active within residential sales and project marketing, loves helping new migrates to the country in their search for the great Australian dream, “Home Ownership”.

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